Jolana A.T.

We are the highest farm in the Czech Republic. We manage meadows at an altitude of up to 1350 a.s.l. Bouda Klínovka is located at an altitude of 1227 m above sea level with beautiful views of the Klínový potok valley and much further.

Since 2017, Bouda Klínovka has been a part of the Klínové Boudy Mountain Ranch, which farms here on the surrounding mountain meadows.

The hut is located on the southern, all-day sunny slope. Its location is an ideal starting point for both winter and summer mountain hikes, as well as for relaxation and fun with children.

We offer a total of 6 rooms and 2 dormitories in the attic. Of which 3 rooms with bathroom and 4 rooms have a shared bathroom on the floor. The non-smoking restaurant has a capacity of 45 seats and huge terrace for up to 45 persons with spectacular view.

In the winter, it is possible to arrange your transport to the hut from place Strážné-Lom or from Špindlerův Mlýn (to be precise – from the upper cable car station Svatý Petr).

The hut Bouda Klínovka has 4 floors and the whole building is after the reconstruction.


BASIC IDENTIFICATION DATA OF THE HERD including complete photo documentation of pedigrees

Ear number
of the animal
GenderNameDate of BirthBreedFatherMotherPedigree
CZ0002813389211503741Heifer / CowJOLANA A. T.2. 4. 2013HIGHLANDZHG254CZ000155421931
CZ0002813399211503742Heifer / CowVIKTORKA A.T.4. 4. 2013HIGHLANDZHG254CZ000064785931
CZ0003222609211601545Heifer / CowHEDVIKA FROM ISLAND12. 7. 2013HIGHLANDZHG254CZ000153210921
CZ0004456419211702572Heifer / CowNORA FROM ISLAND26. 4. 2017HIGHLANDZHG272CZ000281338921
CZ0004456429211702571Heifer / CowILJA FROM ISLAND2. 5. 2019HIGHLANDZHG272CZ000203917921
1602854175 DE8901987Pedigree BullDUBLINER VON JAGDSHOF II B30. 04. 2011HIGHLAND767787737 DE579358004 DE
The given data are for information only. You can find the complete pedigree in the photo documentation of the given animal.

The matter of the heart, beautiful place, feeling like you’re coming home. You smell the bread. Excellent food. Everything is possible, wonders and miracles to wait – literally. Firm handshake and perfect care for each host. Attention. I would love to come back again soon. Thanks everyone who took care of me and my daughters.