In the summer

1. To the house by car

Beginning is at parking place in “Strážné Lom”, which is 1,5 km far behind village Strážné in the direction from Vrchlabí. From the tollgate at the beginning of parking place starts detailed description:

  • 0 km tollgate at the beginning of parking place, drive through parking place cross the bridge to the forest up to the hill

  • 0,9 km beginning of the meadow, continue left in direction to “Hříběcí Bouda”

  • 1,2 km Hříběcí Bouda, turn right, cross the meadow to “Klecanda”

  • 1,3 km Klecanda

  • 1,5 km crossroad “Y”, continue to left, up to the hill

  • 5,0 km crossroad “T”, turn right a bit up to the hill

  • 5,7 km turn to direction “Friesovy Boudy”, continue straight

  • 6,3 km turn to direction “Chata Spořitelna”, continue straight

  • 6,4 km turn to direction “Grohmanova Bouda”, continue straight, follow higher boarders of meadow

  • 6,6 km turn to direction “Komín” – pedestrian short cut to “Klínovka”, continue straight by car

  • 7,4 km turn to “Dvorská Bouda”, continue straight on the higher boarder of meadow

  • 7,8 km “Chalupa na Rozcestí”, turn left to the fire road. From “Chalupa na Rozcestí” the road to “Klínovka” is in bad conditions. But it’s drivable with special attention even for normal cars.

If you don’t need a car necessarily, leave it at the parking place “Strážné Lom” and come to us by foot. The journey is beautiful.

2. By bus or by car to Strážné Lom and further by foot

From bus station at Vrchlabí you can take small bus to final station “Strážné Lom”. In Strážné Lom there is a parking place, in the summer for free, without security. From parking place cross the bridge and continue up to the hill, follow the stream. After 200 m this road turns right, but you continue still straight next to the stream. Follow this road for approx. 2,5 km, there is a turning place and parking place. This is the end of the road for cars, path continues still further on the right side of the stream. After 1,5 km you reach the small bridge, cross the stream here. Continue up to the hill on the path until you reach green touristic marking. Turn right up to the hill and after a while you will see Klínové Boudy. Nová Klínovka is the last cottage on the meadow on the right side of the fire road. 6 km long walk takes 1,5 hour. You find here nice stream with a lot of small ponds. It’s not suitable for strollers and bicycles. The path is not marked, but it’s easy to find it.

3. By bus or by car to Špindlerův Mlýn and further by foot or by cable car

In the summer you can park your car for free at parking place “Labská” (first parking spot on the right side of the road). Other parking places are secured, but you have to pay approx. 150 CZK/day. To Špindlerův Mlýn you can take a bus from Prague – Černý Most.

By cable car and further by foot

From parking place or from bus station continue through the centre of town to Svatý Petr, there is a cable car station. Cable car is open from May to September, from 8.00-18.00 and it runs every 30 minutes. From the top station of the cable car follow blue touristic marking to “Bouda na Pláni” and than follow green touristic marking to “Klínové Boudy”. Our house is the last one on the meadow, on the right side of the fire road. This all takes around 1 hour, it’s 5 km.

By foot through hillside Stoh (most beautiful track)

Follow blue touristic marking from Špindlerův Mlýn through skiing slopes in Svatý Petr and Stoh until you reach original Klínovka. From here follow only 500 m down the road to our “Bouda Klínovka”. Last 200 m follow the green touristic marking.

In the winter

1. By car or by bus to Špindlerův Mlýn, from here by cable car or by ski

From Prague you can take a bus to Špindlerův Mlýn from Prague – Černý Most. Your own car you can leave at the parking place Labská. From here go to the cable car to Pláň. You can also drive by car straight to the cable car, drive your children, luggage and wife there and go back to the Labská. Cable car runs from 8-16.00 in the winter, on friday there is a special night run at 19.00. Later you can use cable car Hromovka, there is a night skiing until 21.00. But it’s longer journey afterwards. From top station of cable car Pláně follow skiing path to Klínové Boudy, which is 4 km long. Nová Klínovka is the last house on the right side of the meadow. In the night you can see halogen light. On ski follow “Krkonošská magistrála” from Špindlerův Mlýn through crossroad at “Nad Krásnou Plání” to Klínové Boudy. Nová Klínovka is the last house on the right side of the meadow. In the night you can see halogen light.

2. By car to Strážné Lom and further up on ski

You can leave your car at secured parking place in Strážné Lom, 1,5 km further behind Strážné in direction from Vrchlabí. They charge you 50 CZK/day. From here follow red touristic marking to Hříběcí Bouda and than follow blue touristic marking to Friesovy Boudy. From here continue through “Krkonošská magistrála” to us. It’s around 6 km.

3. Use our snow transportation

From Strážné Lom or from top cable car station Pláň

Snow machine – max. 10 persons for 3.630 CZK

Snow mobile with trailer – max. 4 persons + luggage for 1.210 CZK

If you use snow transportation for both ways, you get some sale.