History of cabin Bouda Klínovka

The original Bouda Klínovka was founded in 1676 in the place of the allegedly original hut built by the workers who carried the ore from Svatý Petr to Dolní Dvůr, in order to hide away from the bad weather. The south-oriented 60 ha meadow was said to have originated in the 17th century as an economic background for the silver mines at Svatý Petr.

Unlike the same high-lying meadow enclaves, there were not only summer huts in Klínovky, but the hill lived here all year round. That’s why a private teacher from nearby Reennerovy Boudy has been here since 1814. He was a military veteran. Children were taught in various cottages and children from Rennerovy Boudy and all three other enclaves were also here. In 1903 closest village built single-class school building for them.

The end of 19th century

During the boom of tourism, at the end of 19th century, at least one cottage was transformed into mountain meadow inn on every mountain meadow enclave. The local tourist potential of Hermann Buchberger and his wife, Wilhelmina, exhausted Bouda Klínovka. At the end of 19th century, they owned the two biggest chalets along the tourist route, the upper ones rebuilt to the soon-known Bouda Klínovka. At their terrace there was a crossroad of all paths from Svatý Petr, Výrovka, Friesovy Boudy a Rennerovy Boudy. During seventy years long history of Bouda Klínovka happened three misfortunes. It first burnt down in 1912. A year later, Buchbergers built it again and sold it immediately to the brothers Bonsch from Luční Bouda. In 1926, they hired Johann Braun from Braunberg in Pec to take care about house. His family, apart from a mountain farm with three cows and pair of horses, offered guests accommodation and mainly stylish pub with traditional live music and dancing events.

After World War II

In May 1945, farmer Braun was shot dead without any reason right infront of the house and the eyes of the family by postwar guerillas. Then, for 25 years, state organisation operated here. In the winter of 1970, cabin burnt down again and for 40 years cabin was left without adequate compensation.

Modern history

In 2003 the private owner bought cabin in neighborhood which was known as a “Bouda Tesla” from company Tesla Hloubětín. In the years 2005-2010 cabin was completely reconstructed into its current form and opened to public under the name “Nová Klínovka”.

In 2016 cabin was bought by company Infimed s.r.o. with the intention to giving cabin life again and renewing the ancient tradition of this beautiful mountain cottage, and they named cabin as a “Bouda Klínovka”.

Today you find us in here with friendly staff, awesome cuisine, romantic accommodation, fascinating terrace, surrounded by herd of Scottish Highland Cows and two horses.